Psychedelic Consulting Calls

Psychedelic Consulting Calls

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Do you have general questions about psychedelics? Are you looking to better understand the landscape or trying to understand how to get involved in the field? Whatever your psychedelic question is, we can help support you!

We offer consultation calls for questions that may need more attention than we can provide via email. There are a lot of common questions that we have answered in articles on our blog, but if you still feel stuck or confused, a consultation call is your best option!

Common questions on calls:

  • How can I get more involved in the psychedelic field? – Check out our article on this
  • I am a student looking to study psychedelics, how do I can I go about it? – Check out our article on this.
  • I am looking for a trip sitter or guide, how can I find one? (We do not provide specifics, but we get this question often). – Check out our article on this.
  • Professional consultations
    • How do I provide integration services to clients?
    • How can I get more involved in the field?
    • Ethics and safety of psychedelics

*If this is your first time landing here, be sure to send us an email first to let us know how we can support you.