Colorado Retreat #1

Colorado Retreat #1

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Welcome to the Colorado #1 Vital Retreat! 


Colorado #1 Retreat: (W)7/27/22- (M)8/1/2022

Boulder, Colorado

General Description

The retreat will be held at Prairie Orchard Farmhouse, a wonderful venue sanctuary tucked in a private orchard just north of Boulder. Both spaces have stunning views of the Flatirons and open prairie land.


(2) Transpersonal Breathwork sessions, one as a breather, one as a sitter

(1) Introduction to Psychedelic Cannabis + Conscious Cannabis Circle

(1) Psychedelic Cannabis Breathwork Experience


$1,750 Program Fee

Includes all meals for the retreat and transportation from the Basecamp Hotel in Boulder. Does not include the cost of transport from the airport to the hotel or cannabis from the Boulder dispensary.


We have blocked a set of rooms at the Basecamp Hotel in Boulder, located in downtown Boulder at 2020 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302, with a retreat discount as reflected below. The hotel had complimentary internet access.

(6) Single/person @$281/night, (5) Double/person @$152/night, (1) Quad/person @$82/night

**Please call Shannon Gilmore at 415-548-3555 to select and make your own room reservations.

You'll need to select your roommates if you reserve a shared room. The retreat participants will be listed in a group on Circle so you can see who is in this retreat group. These rooms will be held until June 10th, so please contact Shannon to make your reservation. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additionally, camping is an option, on-site at Prairie Orchard for $150 /person for a tent or camper/RV. You will have to provide your own equipment and can contact any of these outfitters to arrange for equipment.

If you plan to camp, you'll select to pay the camping fee of $150 when you register below.


The meals for this retreat will be 95% or more organic, as seasonal & local as possible, made fresh, nourishing & whole-food-based provided by Angelina Liguori, a Holistic and Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Natural Healing Consultant, and Culinary Artist. Please contact her with any dietary restrictions allergies or needs at


Day 1: 2-6p arrival to set up camp at Prairie Orchard, 6p dinner, 7-9p Introductions

Day 2: 9a bfast, am program, 12p lunch, 1p Transpersonal Breathwork, 6p dinner, 7-9p Integration

Day 3: 9a bfast at Basecamp Hotel, 10a dispensary visit, 12p lunch, 1p Transpersonal Breathwork, 6p dinner, 7-9p Integration

Day 4: 9a bfast, 10a am sessions, 12p lunch, 1p Introduction to Psychedelic Cannabis + Conscious Cannabis Circle, 6p dinner, 7-9p Bonfire

Day 5: 9a bfast at Basecamp Hotel, Open am, 12p lunch, 1p lunch Psychedelic Cannabis Breathwork Experience, 6p dinner, 7-9p Bonfire

Day 6: 9am bfast + integration, 12pm lunch, 1pm program completion

Transpersonal Breathwork Experience

Transpersonal Breathwork can involve strong physical and emotional experiences and is not appropriate for pregnant women or persons with cardiovascular problems (heart attacks, cardiovascular surgery, severe hypertension, arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, or arrhythmia), some diagnosed psychiatric conditions, recent surgery, or fractures, acute infectious illness, grand-mal epilepsy, or active spiritual emergency. If you have any doubt about the safety of your participation, please discuss your concerns with your physician, therapist, and/or a retreat facilitator, at

This health form will need to be completed as part of the registration process for the Transpersonal Breathwork experience. The retreat facilitators will review it, and you will be contacted if there are any concerns regarding your participation.

Psychedelic Cannabis + Conscious Cannabis Circle + Psychedelic Cannabis Breathwork Experience

We are partnering with the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness located in Boulder, CO for the Cannabis experiences, led by Daniel McQueen. These experiences include a Psychedelic Cannabis + Conscious Cannabis Circle Integration on Saturday afternoon & a Psychedelic Cannabis Breathwork Experience on Sunday afternoon. In addition, we will visit the Verde Natural Dispensary on Friday morning to meet Daniel and their team's Cannabis Consultant to help acquire the necessary Cannabis for the journeys.

****Please click here to register for the Psychedelic Cannabis experiences.

You must be 21 or older to participate. To participate, please complete this registration, the included Psychedelic Safety Questionnaire, and sign the Psychedelic Cannabis Event Participation Agreement and the Community Breathwork Participation Agreement. Please contact Daniel's team with any questions by emailing

Travel + Transportation

You can fly into the Denver Airport or directly into Boulder. If you arrive in Denver we recommend using Green Ride for transport to the hotel. You will be responsible for all transportation arrangements and fees to your Boulder accommodation.

We will provide transportation from the Basecamp hotel to Prairie Orchard each morning and then back to the Basecamp hotel each evening. 

If you stay locally or at another hotel, you'll be responsible for arranging your own transportation. We will have what can be intense sessions each afternoon and do not advise that you drive. We strongly recommend that you take a Lyft or Uber, or arrange for transportation at the end of each day. 

COVID Policy

We ask that you purchase a 2-pkg COVID home test before you travel. Please take the first test up to three days before your trip to Colorado and email your negative results, indicating your test date and a yes or no, to

We ask that you take the second test just before arriving on the first day of the retreat and email your negative results, indicating your test date and a yes or no, to Please do not continue to the retreat location if you test positive.

This policy may be amended due to the changing nature of the situation.

Per retreat preparation and post-retreat integration

We'll have two sessions prior to the retreat to meet together as a group to get to know one another and make preparations for the retreat. These dates will be shared shortly. Following the retreat, we'll have two follow-up/integration sessions together as a group also. These dates will be shared shortly.

Assumption of Risk and General Release Form

Prior to making your payment at the link below, please review the Assumption of Risk and General Release Form below. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a release form of legal rights. Please read and understand prior to making any payment for the retreat. In making a payment, you are agreeing that you have reviewed and fully understand this Assumption of Risk and General Release Form.

Retreat: Psychedelics Today, Vital Retreat, Boulder, Colorado

Retreat Facilitators: Alice Dommert, Joe Moore, Kyle Buller

Destination: Boulder, Colorado

Dates: July 27th- August 1st, 2022

I have chosen voluntarily to participate in the retreat described above (the “Retreat”). (“Retreat”) is understood to include all activities at the destination, and all included travel to and from such destinations) with Psychedelics Today (“PT”). This agreement confirms my understanding of the following:

  1. Reservation, Form Completion, Payments

To reserve your place on the retreat, please submit your payment for the Program Fee, which includes all the food and transportation to and from the Retreat location and the Basecamp Hotel in Boulder. In addition, you will need to complete the Transpersonal Breathwork form and the agreement, waiver, and health forms provided by Medicinal Mindfulness. Payment can be made by credit card.

  1. Cancellations

If you wish to cancel your retreat, you must notify PT in writing. Once we’ve received your notice, the cancellation will take effect subject to the following: If cancellation takes place more than 120 days prior to your departure date, any payments made will be refunded minus a $500 administrative fee. If cancellation takes place between 120 and 60 days before your departure date, 50% of the retreat balance paid will be refunded. If cancellation takes place less than 60 days prior to the start date of the retreat, there will be no refunds, no exceptions.

  1. Health and Fitness Requirements

You must be in good physical and mental health to participate in the retreat. PT and our retreat partner, Medicinal Mindfulness, reserve the right in its absolute discretion to refuse a participant the right to participate in a retreat on medical or fitness grounds.

  1. 4. Cancellation due to Retreat Booking Numbers

PT reserves the right to cancel any retreat prior to departure in the event that there are too few people booked, in which case you will be given a full refund of any and all payments made to PT. You will not be entitled to claim any additional amounts or seek any compensation for any injury, loss, expenses, or damage (either direct or consequential) or for any loss of time or inconvenience which may result from such cancellation (including but not limited to visa, passport and vaccination charges, or departure, gear purchases, airport and airline taxes) so be sure you have travel insurance.

  1. Changes, Postponement, Cancellation, or Delay

PT reserves the right to make changes to any aspect of the retreat if, in the absolute discretion of PT, it is necessary to do so due to conditions that are likely to be hazardous or dangerous or due to any other adverse or threatening conditions whether political or military or terrorist or otherwise or if an act of omission of a third party prevents the retreat or the aspect of the retreat being undertaken in accordance with your booking or for any other reason considered necessary by PT.

If a facilitator designated is unable to lead the retreat for any reason, PT, in its discretion will enlist another qualified facilitator to lead the retreat. In the event of any change, modification, cancellation, postponement or delay under this condition, you acknowledge that you will have no right to refund of the retreat price (whether in whole or in part) and no right to claim compensation for any injury, loss or damage or other additional expenses incurred by virtue of the change, modification, cancellation postponement or delay.

PT also reserves, in its absolute discretion, the right to cancel any retreat due to any government travel warning or advice or any change in such warning or advice. In this event, we will do all we can to transfer any payments made to a future retreat with PT. If this is not possible, travel insurance may compensate you depending on the circumstances.

  1. Insurance

We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are adequately insured for the full duration of the retreat in respect of illness, injury, death, loss of baggage and personal items, and cancellation and curtailment. Please make sure your health insurance plan will cover your travel risks. Otherwise, choose a travel insurance plan that will cover those risks associated with travel.

  1. Assumption of Risk in International Travel; U.S. State Department Warning

I understand that participation in the Trip and international travel involves risks. These include, without limitation, risks involved in traveling to, from, and within international locations; foreign political, legal, medical, social, and economic conditions; different standards of design, safety, and maintenance of buildings, public places, and conveyances; and local weather conditions. The country or countries to which I will travel to or from may have health and safety standards that differ from those enjoyed in the United States, and I recognize that I may be subjected to potential risks, illnesses, injuries, and even death. I have made my own investigation of these risks, understand these risks and assume them knowingly and willingly.

I understand that, although PT has organized the Retreat, it cannot eliminate all risks or guarantee my safety. while I am abroad. I have read and understood all information on the U.S. State Department website ( about the country or countries to which I am traveling, including, without limitation, the U.S. Department of State Consular Information Sheet and the State Department Warning (if applicable). I also have reviewed the U.S. Centers for Disease Control health advisory information relating to travel abroad found at, and any additional information available from the World Health Organization website ( With knowledge of this information, I have made the independent judgment to participate in the Retreat.

  1. Force Majeure

If PT is prevented (directly or indirectly) from performing any of its obligations under this agreement by reason of an act of God, strikes, trade disputes, fire, breakdowns, interruption of transport, government or political action, acts of war or terrorism, acts or omissions of a third party or for any other cause whatsoever outside PT’s reasonable control.

  1. Health Insurance; Medical Care; Health and Safety Concerns

I understand that I am responsible for obtaining any recommended immunizations before traveling to my destination. I have determined that this insurance is adequate to cover injuries or illnesses that I may sustain while participating in the Trip. I will be solely responsible for payment in full of all costs of medical care I may receive overseas.

I authorize PT to obtain appropriate health care for me in the event that I need it but am unable to obtain it for myself. I further agree to hold harmless and indemnify PT for any and all actions taken by PT to provide necessary emergency medical care to me during the Retreat. I also understand and agree that if I experience serious health problems, suffer an injury, or am otherwise in a situation that raises significant health and safety concerns; then PT may contact the person whose name I have provided as my “emergency contact.” I understand that PT ordinarily will not initiate such contact without first having a discussion with me.

  1. Standards of Conduct

I recognize that I assume an important personal obligation to conduct myself in a manner compatible with local laws and regulations and with any instructions given by the Retreat leaders. I promise to act responsibly and will become informed of, and will abide by all such laws, regulations, policies, and standards. This includes laws around drug purchase, selling, and consumption on foreign soil. PT is not responsible for my well-being or any legal action taken on me if I disregard these laws.

  1. Travel Arrangements

I understand that PT does not represent or act as an agent for, and cannot control the acts or omissions of, any host family, transportation carrier, hotel, tour organizer or other provider of food, goods, or services involved in the Retreat. I understand that PT is not responsible for matters that are beyond its control and that it cannot warrant the safety or convenience of the circumstances under which I will be living.


Knowing the risks described above, I agree, on behalf of my family, heirs, and personal representative(s), to assume all the risks and responsibilities surrounding my participation in the Trip. To the maximum extent permitted by law, I release, hold harmless, and agree to indemnify PT, its owners, and its team members from and against any present or future claims, losses, liabilities, costs, and expenses for injury to a person or property, or for any other damage, which I may suffer, or for which I may be liable to any other person, related to my participation in the Retreat (including periods in transit to or from my destination), resulting from any cause, including but not limited to negligence on my part or on the part of any of the released parties.

I certify that I am age 18 or older. I have carefully read, and in making a financial payment for this retreat, I freely agree to this Assumption of Risk and General Release Form. I understand and agree that no oral or written representations can or will alter the contents of this document. I agree that this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Colorado, which shall be the forum for any lawsuits filed under or incident to this agreement or the Retreat.

Retreat Payment + Registration

For any additional questions, contact
Please complete your registration to secure a retreat spot by June 10th, 2022.